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Universal Camera Mount
Finally, a camera mount that can actually mount to virtually any windshield(or glass surface for that matter).
By allowing more freedom of placement, field testers, tuners, and customers alike can use the Universal Camera Mount to record tuning sessions, create home movies, or anything else that comes to mind. Mount it to the passenger window or the rear window and record your driving habits. Use your imagination!

Why the UCM?

It's a simple solution to an annoying issue. "Why can't there be a non car-specific camera mount, so I can take it anywhere?"
With our unique hinge-lock mechanism, the camera mount can be adjusted to various glass surfaces while keeping the camera level. this allows for the ability to take the camera out of one car and put it in a completely different one.
What gives the camera mount it's extended versatility are the 3 industrial 3" diameter suction cups, threaded onto the mounting plate. Another feature is the adjustable mounting slot and rubber pad that the camera mounts on to. This allows for EVEN MORE different types of cameras to fit our mount.
We have a hi-res and low-res video example of the Universal Camera Mount in use.

What's included with the Universal Camera Mount kit is:

  • Instructions
  • One (1) Pre-assembled and inspected Camera Mount
  • Two (2) Allen keys for dissassembly and adjustment
  • One (1) Camera Mount knob for mounting

Things to note before purchasing the Universal Camera Mount:

  • Be sure your camera fits by downloading our fitement guide here
  • This mount is meant to hold most Mini-DV cameras and most digital still cameras. A heavier camera will result in poor results. The UCM is best used with cameras weighing approx. 5 pounds.
  • Quantities and colors are limited, so call or e-mail us if you have a special request.
  • Technical support ... if needed! 866-RENN-ART

Introductory price: $159 (shipped)
Available colors
Digital camera shown as an example
Digital camera shown as an example
Some examples of placement

Hinge-lock mechanism
Hinge-lock mechanism
Be sure to check out the video

Camera mount plate detail
Camera mount plate detail
Patent pending

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